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St. John’s Church from The Parish Church of St. Cuthbert

St Johns Church from The Parish Church of St Cuthbert edinburgh scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland (July 2021)

Since returning from my European adventures this past summer, I began reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I’m currently in the third book, and there are lots of Edinburgh references in both the second and third books. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of many of the places mentioned. I noticed, and read the history on the side of, The World’s End Pub (but no photos). I did get a few photos of Holyrood. Kirk of the Canongate was being painted when I was there so no photos of it either.

Today’s photo, with St. John’s Church in the background isn’t mentioned in Outlander for good reason. St. John’s wasn’t built until 1818. The church at my back when I took this photo (Parish Church of St. Cuthbert) isn’t mentioned that I know of, but it was there in the 18th Century. Their website says

“1745: September, news reached Edinburgh that the Highland Army was approaching. The Gaelic-speaking horde had a fearsome reputation and so great excitement and terror was roused in the population. Prince Charles Edward Stuart seized the city. Several hundred in Edinburgh actively supported him and attended the Ball at Holyrood House after the Jacobite victory at Prestonpans but the Ministers of St Cuthbert’s Church – Rev Pitcairn and Rev McVicar – opposed him. Apart from one service held at the Tron Church, there was no public worship in the city itself during this time and many people sought refuge in the countryside. The Ministers of St Cuthbert’s, however, continued to hold normal services which were well attended despite the political and military upheaval happening all around.”

The Mad Ferret Band @ Stramash!

stramash mad ferret-low-light

The Mad Ferret Band @ Stramash! (Edinburgh, Scotland – July 2021)

@MadFerretBand @StramashEdin

Upper Bow

edinburgh scotland bikes upper bow

(Edinburgh, Scotland – July 2021)

Calton Hill

edinburgh calton hill scotland

Edinburgh from Calton Hill


scotland edinburgh Tolbooth Kirk castle hill

Tolbooth Kirk from Castlehill (Edinburgh, Scotland – July 2021)

Mad Ferret @ Stramash

scotland edinburgh mad ferret Stramash-low-light

Mad Ferret @ Stramash

@MadFerretBand @StramashEdin

I thought that one of the disappointing things about going to Scotland this summer was that it would be the only place I visited without any live music (due to Covid restrictions, which are generally less in Europe than in the USA unless you are in the UK). However, during a tour I was on to the Isle of Skye, my tour guide played a great band from his hometown called “Mad Ferret”. He sort of DJed the songs he played on the bus and mentioned that Mad Ferret was playing the following night in Edinburgh. I went online and quickly grabbed up tickets for us before it sold out. The show ended up being the first allowed live music in Edinburgh in almost 18 months, and virtually everyone there was seeing live music for the first time in ages and freaking out. An amazing evening!