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Circus Lane

circus lane edinburgh scotland

Circus Lane (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Dunvegan Castle interior painting

dunvegan castle scotland painting

Isle of Skye, Scotland (July 2021)


This lovely painting was hanging inside Dunvegan Castle in Scotland. I tried to find out more information about it but haven’t been successful. I probably took a photo of it because it brought back some Outlander memories.

Bidean nam Bian

glencoe coe glen scotland

The Three Sisters in the Scottish Highlands (July 2021)

 scotland highlands three sisters glencoe sign-DeNoiseAI-clear

Glencoe Sign

Black Cuillin

isle of skye scotland

Sligachan on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Greyfriars Bobby

greyfriars bobby edinburgh scotland

Greyfriars Bobby (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Never heard of Bobby? He has a somewhat similar story to Hachiko.

The Scotsman’s Lounge

the scotsmans lounge edinburgh

The Scotsman’s Lounge (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Last summer I was invited, by a couple of new Scottish friends, to watch some football at The Scotsman’s Lounge. Of course, I joined them. While I could understand about 70% of the Scottish English being spoken by the two of them, the older guy in the group was completely unintelligible to my ears. I take that back, I could understand him when he said “fuck” or “cunt” which was about every other word so I guess I could understand about 50% of what he said.