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Happy Birthday Bill Kelliher!

bill kelliher mastodon les paul gibson guitar

Bill Kelliher of Mastodon with his Gibson Les Paul guitar

Mastodon’s “Live from Brixton” released today

mastodon fox theater oakland

Mastodon @ Oakland’s Fox Theater

I burned out my eyes…

mastodon the hunter tour set list setlist

The Hunter Tour set list

It feels like forever since I took today’s photo (back on 4/27/12). I wouldn’t mind reliving that night again and again. Hopefully, we will have some new Mastodon to listen to in the next few months. Please.

Ghost B.C. releases Infestissumam today

ghost fox theater oakland

One of Ghost B.C.’s “Nameless Ghouls”

The new CD is great. Unfortunately, I won’t be making a road trip to see them in San Francisco (4/25/13) or Portland (4/26/13), but you can see more pics I took the three times I have seen them (when they were simply called Ghost) by clicking here.

The next Hope, I mean Pope

ghost bc pope hope obama papa emeritus ii

Hope for a Pope with a sense of humor

The Catholic Church will likely have a new Pope in the next week or so. Let’s hope they make a reasonable choice like Papa Emeritus II of Ghost B.C..

ghost b.c. fox theater oakland papa emeritus ii thurible censer

Papa Emeritus with his thurible at the Fox Theater in Oakland

Ghost becomes Ghost B.C.

Ghost B.C. at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California

Ghost B.C. at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California

Ghost, from Sweden, recently had a name change to Ghost B.C., and they released a groovy new video from their forthcoming CD. When I watch it I think of American Bandstand in the 1970s, complete with lip-synching. As I’ve said before, these guys have a sense of humor.