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Newport Beach

newport beach california topaz denoise ai-denoise

Newport Beach, California

My random, desktop image of the day is from my hotel room in Newport Beach nine years ago.

Happy birthday, Bill Kelliher!

Mastodon's Bill Kelliher

@mastodonmusic @foxoakland

See you in less than three months at Copenhell (Covid-19 willing).

Happy Birthday Bill Kelliher!

bill kelliher mastodon les paul gibson guitar

Bill Kelliher of Mastodon with his Gibson Les Paul guitar

Yoshinoya beef bowl (吉野家の牛丼)

yoshinoya beef bowl gyudon

Gyudon (牛丼) is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Sure it’s cheap Japanese fast food, but I still love it. I tried this bowl in the Los Angeles area as you can’t find Japanese style beef bowls anywhere near my normal neck of the woods in Southern Oregon. It wasn’t quite the same as the many I have consumed in Japan. Maybe it was the styrofoam bowl? Perhaps that was part of it, but something still seemed a bit off in the recipe.

I’m looking forward to consuming the real thing in Japan this summer as well as many bowls of bulgogi (불고기) in Korea.

Balboa Peninsula sunset – Newport Beach, California

newport bay boat trip yacht cruise balboa

On my trip to Southern California earlier this year we did a dinner cruise in Newport Bay. This photo was taken near the end of the bay near the end of the Balboa Peninsula. I think that’s the jetty to the left after the houses on Balboa Boulevard end.

Ghost @ Fox Oakland Theater

ghost papa emeritus band sweden

Ghost became just the second band I have caught live in three different countries (Denmark, Sweden, and now the USA). They join Opeth (USA, Japan, and Sweden) in that category. Ironically, Opeth came on stage later in the evening. It was the fifth time I’ve seen Opeth in the USA. The strange thing is that I hadn’t even heard of Ghost a mere year ago and now I’ve seen them three times.

Not only have I seen them on stage, I’ve now seen them backstage too. I can confirm that at least two of the members are indeed human under their cloaks, and at least two are in fact real ghosts. I won’t tell which though. Nor did I take any photos of them backstage. That would have been in poor taste.