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Happy birthday, Adrian Conner!

@SpazKittyAdrian @HellsBellesUSA #hellsbelles

Happy birthday, Adrian Conner!

adrian conner hells belles

Adrian Conner of Hell’s Belles (January 2013)

@SpazKittyAdrian @HellsBellesUSA #hellsbelles

Hell’s Belles @ Rogue Theatre

hells belles adrian conner

Adrian Conner

@HellsBellesUSA #hellsbelles #acdc #womenrock @SpazKittyAdrian

Hell's Belles' Amber Saxon

Hell’s Belles

hell's belles amber saxon adrian conner

Hell’s Belles – Amber Saxon (vocals), Adrian Conner (lead guitar)

@LiveAtTheArmory @HellsBellesUSA @AdrianGuitarImp @AmberSaxon666

I’m hoping that Hell’s Belles and Live at the Armory can hook up on a date someday.

Zepparella live in Tahoe and San Francisco this weekend

zepparella mcdonald theatre eugene oregon

Zepparella in Eugene, Oregon @ McDonald Theatre

If you are in or near Tahoe/Reno or San Francisco or if you are traveling to one of these places this weekend, then you will want to check out Zepparella, the all-female Led Zeppelin cover band. Friday night they are playing at the Crystal Bay Casino and Saturday night they return home to play at Slim’s in SF. As an added bonus Clementine’s band “Stars Turn Me On” and “The Gretchen Menn Band” are opening both nights. You can’t see Clementine (the drummer) in the above photo, but Gretchen is the guitarist on the right.

Peeking through the curtains on the side are a couple of the members of Hell’s Belles who were also playing on the evening I took this pic. The next shows for Hell’s Belles will be in Oregon (Corvallis @ The Majestic Theatre on 2/15 and Bend @ The Old Mill on 2/16).

zepparella hells belles mcdonald theater poster

Zepparella / Hells Belles McDonald Theater poster

More photos of Hell’s Belles at the McDonald Theatre

hell's belles mcdonald theatre ac/dc cover band all girls female

Hell’s Belles onstage at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon

Mandy Leinenweber hell's belles

Mandy Leinenweber on bass for Hell’s Belles (AC/DC all-female cover band)

adrian conner hell's belles mcdonald theatre

Adrian Conner on lead guitar for Hell’s Belles (picture Angus Young on speed but in a more attractive, younger, female form)

Amber Saxon (Australian native--just like AC/DC) on lead vocals for Hell's Belles

Amber Saxon (Australian native–just like AC/DC) on lead vocals for Hell’s Belles

Lisa Brisbois on rhythm guitar for Hell's Belles

Lisa Brisbois on rhythm guitar for Hell’s Belles

hell's belles mcdonald theatre

Hell’s Belles @ McDonald Theatre – Eugene, Oregon – January 12, 2013