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Metal Monday

Illdisposed bo summer metal magic-DeNoiseAI-low-light-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Illdisposed’s Bo Summer @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

@MetalMagicDK @illdisposedDK #illdisposed #illdisposeddenmark #deathmetal

Crocell @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

Mads Bertram Højland Gath of Crocell

 metal magic illdisposed crocell bass

Onkel Kusse of Crocell (actually during the Illdisposed set)

Crocell setlist

I’m a big fan of the song “My Path of Heresy” so I was really happy that was in the set.

Asbjörn Steffensen

Some pics from day one of 2018 Metal Magic

metal magic

Metal Magic (Fredericia, Denmark)

@MetalMagicDK @IAMMORBIDBand @besthairinmetal @irablack #encyrcle @Faanefjell

Simon Klem of Encyrcle @ Metal Magic

metal magic

Metal bath robe

metal magic i am morbid ira black

I Am Morbid’s Ira Black

metal magic tonny

Metal Magic crew and Tonny

metal magic faanefjell darg

Faanefjell’s Darg

metal magic abba

Dancing Queen