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Party House

saiya kyoto izakaya

Saiya (Kyoto, Japan)

My random, desktop image of the day features 祭家, an 居酒屋 I previously mentioned here.

Tennoji pub crawl

tennoji red light district akachochin yakiniku

Izakaya (居酒屋) alley near Tennoji Station (天王寺駅)

Hot summer night fare

yebisu beer 居酒屋おたやん甲府中央酒場 kofu

居酒屋おたやん甲府中央酒場 (Kofu, Japan)


kofu yakiniku 居酒屋おたやん甲府中央酒場

Izakaya (居酒屋) with yakiniku in Kofu

Hanging out in a place like this on a hot summer night in Japan is one of many reasons I’m hoping to go back this summer.

BTW, the fans on the counter aren’t for the customers. They are for the cook to fan the flames just right to cook the skewered chicken.

Saiya (祭家) in Kyoto

saiya kyoto izakaya gyu udon curry kirin beer sake 居酒屋

Udon with beef

I had two nights in Kyoto last summer. I asked my innkeeper for a recommendation of a fun izakaya in the (Nijo Station) neighborhood and she recommended Daruma (908 Koyamacho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto). She was correct. Daruma was tons of fun. Both of the Mama Sans and the customers were entertaining. Pictures coming soon.

So the next day I asked her for a similar place and she recommended Saiya. With kanji like 祭家, how could it not be a party? Well, it wasn’t as fun as Daruma, but the family running the place were baseball diehards so we did have fun chatting about baseball while watching games on the TV.