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Nagoya Castle

Six years ago today…

The Nagoya Dome (ナゴヤドーム)

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Nagoya Castle

nagoya castle


Nagoya Castle : Before, During, and After the War

nagoya castle model

Model of pre-war Nagoya Castle


nagoya castle fire photo

Nagoya Castle on fire (1945)

nagoya castle

Nagoya Castle (2013)

Urban Nagoya

nagoya japan

Nagoya from the Nagoya Castle

Chunichi Dragons

 Yohei Oshima chunichi dragons nagoya npb baseball masahiko morino

The Japan Climax Series is well under way. Currently, Fukuoka leads the series 3-1 over Yakult. Today’s photo has nothing to do with the series though. Rather, it was my random, desktop image today from the Hanshin Tigers vs. Chunichi Dragons game I went to in August of 2013.