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Chunichi Dragons

 Yohei Oshima chunichi dragons nagoya npb baseball masahiko morino

The Japan Climax Series is well under way. Currently, Fukuoka leads the series 3-1 over Yakult. Today’s photo has nothing to do with the series though. Rather, it was my random, desktop image today from the Hanshin Tigers vs. Chunichi Dragons game I went to in August of 2013.

38 bars in one building

38 bars in one building nagoya japan scum

(Nagoya, Japan)

Ever gone to a different bar every night of the month without leaving the building? No? Well, in Japan you can. This building in Nagoya has 38 different drinking establishments within its walls. Parts of Tokyo have building after building that look like this. Anyway, each bar is unique, with its own theme and clientele. I was heading to (Hard & Heavy) Scum, a metal bar in the basement (B1). Fun place.

Nagoya Ferris wheel

Sunshine Sakae ferris wheel nagoya night

Sunshine Sakae (サンシャインサカエ) Ferris wheel (AKA Sky-Boat or 観覧車) Nagoya, Japan

On my way to Rock Bar Scum I couldn’t help but notice this famous landmark of the Sakae (栄) area of Nagoya.

Toyota Museum (トヨタ博物館)


History lesson in Toyota Museum (Nagoya, Japan)

These types of museums aren’t normally my thing, but when you don’t have any plans on a brutally hot and humid summer day in Nagoya this is a decent place to be. Unlike the museums I visited on this same trip in Korea, this one had air conditioning. I had no desire to leave.

Part of this museum deals with Toyota’s first business (when they were known as Toyoda), the mechanical loom. The rest is, of course, about the automobiles and includes many early models. Japanese models/tour guides are happy to tell you more than you’d like to know about the cars. I don’t know if the models speak English, but most of the displays are in (broken) English as well as Japanese.

Cheer Dragons

nagoya chunichi dragons cheerleaders mascot


Kurehaza (呉服座) interior

photomerge panorama Kabuki Theater Kurehaza 呉服座 Meiji Mura 明治村

Photomerged panorama of the interior Kabuki Theater known as Kurehaza (呉服座) currently on the grounds of Meiji Mura (明治村)

The exterior of this theater can be seen in my earlier post.

I wanted to sit, relax, and soak in the ambiance of this 19th Century theater, but one isn’t allowed in unless doing the tour. Once in, the tour began almost immediately so I fired these photos off in quick succession as my group headed to the stage. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to perfectly center myself or wait for the people to clear out of the way and make this photomerged shot showing more than 180 degrees of view more perfect.