- Japan (07, 09-10, 13), Denmark (08, 11, 16-19, 21), Korea (13), Poland (21), Mexico (14, 15, 19), Iceland (17, 19), Hawaii (14, 17, 22), Czech Republic (16, 17, 19, 21)
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Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden

Home of Watain

Seven years ago today…

10-photo photomerge red rock canyon las vegas nevada landscape panorama

Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas)

Put Dale Murphy in the Hall of Fame already!

atlanta braves mvp

Atlanta Braves MVPs (as of 2017)

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I took this photo (in SunTrust Park, now known as Truist Park) just six years ago, but the Braves have won two more MVPs since then (Ronald Acuña Jr. this year and Freddie Freeman in 2020).

Dale Murphy was a league MVP twice. Given that he isn’t in the Hall of Fame, you’d think that the rest of his career was mediocre or something. In fact, he finished in the top 12 in MVP voting four other seasons. According to this site, not only does he have better stats than the worst of the members already in the Hall of Fame, he has better stats than the average Hall of Fame member.

This year’s inductees were Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff. Combined they won zero MVPs and finished in the top 12 in MVP voting five times–one less than Murph by himself.

Before the sunset

prague sunset

Prague (August 2019)

Fresh snow in the Grand Canyon

grand canyon snow

South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona (December 2016)

King Kong Balls

king kong balls prague

King Kong Balls by Denis Defrancesco (Prague – August 2019)