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Uppsala Old Cemetery

uppsalla sweden cemetery professor torsten tuvemo zen grave-DeNoiseAI-clear

Uppsala Gamla Kyrkogård (Sweden – July 2019)

The professor (also a children’s doctor) has had a fairly recent burial for such an old cemetery. Also, it’s always interesting to see the uniqueness of a different country’s cemetery. This one had a zen vibe to it.

Uppsala Castle

uppsala castle-clear

Uppsala Castle, Sweden (July 2019)

Happy birthday, Mikael Åkerfeldt!

opeth Mikael Åkerfeldt gefle metal festival topaz denoise ai-low-light

Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival




Lillgrund Wind Farm

Flying into CPH

Approaching Denmark from Germany, we actually flew over a bit of Sweden earlier today. This wind farm in the Øresund strait generates enough energy to power over 60,000 homes in Sweden.

Sweden revisited

stockholm sweden

Stockholm, Sweden (July 2011)

My tentative travel plans this summer had me going to Visby, Sweden on my way to Oslo for the Tons of Rock Festival. Alas, the festival has been canceled so I don’t see myself going to either Norway or Sweden this summer.