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Tetsu in Roppongi Eki

tetsu tsukemen roppongi tokyo

Tetsu tsukemen storefront Roppongi Station (Tokyo, Japan)

As I exited the Roppongi Station turnstyle I seemed to remember from seeing “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” a couple years ago that his shop was in the underground maze between stations. I had some time to kill so instead of immediately exiting I took a route I hadn’t before. (Turns out I was confused and the original shop is in the Ginza Station, not Roppongi, and his son’s shop is in Roppongi but not in the station.)

I was also hungry so when I saw Tetsu I decided it was a good time to eat as I vaguely remembered seeing it on Ramen Adventures as a top choice.

tetsu tsukemen roppongi tokyo

哲 つけめん

Tetsu looked delicious, and the first couple bites were OK, but I grew tired of it quickly. By the end I decided it wasn’t one of my better ramen or tsukemen experiences. Perhaps the one in Sendagi (千駄木), reviewed by Ramen Adventures, is better.

Maman at night with holiday lights

maman mori tower christmas lights Louise Bourgeois

Today’s photo shows a different time of day and year compared to the recent post of the giant spider sculpture in Roppongi.

Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider sculpture in Roppongi

maman mori tower giant spider Louise Bourgeois

“Maman” by Louise Bourgeois next to the Mori Tower in Tokyo’s Roppongi

I believe there are eight Maman sculptures in the world. Tokyo has this one.

Items in this photo are not their actual size

seahorse mori roppongi tokyo japan

Mori Tower Sky Aquarium

I don’t think the Mori Tower Sky Aquarium is on the 52nd floor of this tallest of high rises in Roppongi any longer. However, a few years ago you could take photos like this in which a 1-inch tall seahorse could look much larger than the Tokyo skyscrapers in the background.

Ballad (バラッド名もなき恋のうた) – Japanese Movie promo set

テレビ朝日 TV Asahi studios roppongi tokyo japan

Ballad display in TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)

TV Asahi studios in Roppongi in Tokyo frequently has some pretty cool-looking displays in their giant, atrium-like lobby that you can go in and view. Back in September of 2009 they were plugging a new movie with the display shown in today’s photo.

I didn’t see the movie, myself, and it can be difficult getting foreign films in the USA that weren’t super popular in the home country. IMDB gives it rather mediocre reviews as do customers on Oh well, great looking promo structure in any event.