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Tochoji’s Buddharupas (Fukuoka, Japan)

The sign at my feet as I took today’s photo said, in English, “Do Not Enter. Buddhists Only.”, as if the ability to read English automatically makes a person not a Buddhist.



Fukuoka’s Tochoji

Rock garden

tochoji rock garden fukuoka japan

石庭 – 東長寺

Tochoji pagoda (東長寺 五重塔)

fukuoka tochoji pagoda

Fukuoka’s five-story pagoda

I’m still in Mexico, but here is a photo from Japan for you. Tomorrow I have a 7-hour layover in LAX so I will process some more photos of Mexico for next week during that time.

Hell of Incessant Suffering (muken jigoku or 無間地獄)

Hell of Incessant Suffering muken jigoku 無間地獄 tochoji

Hell of Incessant Suffering (無間地獄) @ 東長寺

I previously showed you Great Shrieking Hell at Fukuoka’s Tochoji. That place is nothing compared to the Hell of Incessant Suffering. Muken Jigoku is the most horrible of the eight hot hells. Go here and you will suffer without a moment’s respite. No one can escape this place. I suppose a miserable life isn’t so bad after all if you believe such a place exists.

Tochoji pagoda and Buddhist prayer beads

tochoji pagoda buddhist beads

Tochoji pagoda (Fukuoka, Japan)

According to wiki, Tochoji is most famous for having the largest statue of a seated Buddha in Japan. However, the one in Kamakura is several meters taller. Maybe they meant the largest wood statue of the Buddha. In any event, there is more to see at Tochoji, including the pagoda, pictured above, and the paintings of hell.