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Shibadaimon (芝大門)

芝大門 shibadaimon zojoji hamamatsucho tokyo tower

芝大門 with Tokyo Tower in the distance

Once upon a time, Zojoji was a huge, sprawling temple of the Tokugawa family. I think it included all of the land which is now under and around the Tokyo Tower. One of its entrances was Shibadaimon (the grassy big gate), pictured to the right of this image. Now, if you walk from the Hamamatsucho Station to Zojoji you will pass through Shibadaimon several blocks before you get to the formerly inner Zojoji gates which are now the outer Zojoji gates.

Tokyo Tower

tokyo tower

Tokyo Tower


tokyo tower odaiba statue of liberty rainbow bridge

There are three places in the world where you can find both the Eiffel Tower (or something similar) and the Statue of Liberty (or something similar). Can you name them?

The first one is easy–Paris. There you can find the original Eiffel Tower and one of the original Statue of Liberties.

The second place is today’s photo. In Tokyo you can find Tokyo Tower, modelled after the Eiffel Tower, and a recent Statue of Liberty–separated by the Rainbow Bridge across Tokyo Bay.

The third place features the newest copies–Las Vegas.

In less than five months I’ll be checking out the Statue of Liberty in New York for the first time.

Tokyo Tower by night

tokyo tower japan after dark

Tokyo Tower after dark

For the same view during the day click here.

Breaking news! – new station on the Yamanote Line

According to the Yomiuri, a new train station is going to be created on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo for the first time in over 40 years! You can see the location of the new station (and neighborhood) in the lower right portion of this photo I took back in 2010. What once was JR’s rolling stock yard, located between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations, will soon be redeveloped with a train station at its center. I’m not sure where the stock yard of trains will be relocated.

new station on yamanote line

Happy New Year’s Eve

what to do on new year's eve in tokyo japan

Balloon release countdown for the new year at Zojoji in Tokyo

“Only” 3,000 balloons are given out for the annual New Year countdown at Zojoji in Tokyo so get there early if you want one. It’s a festive atmosphere so the queue isn’t as bad as waiting in line at, say, the DMV or China’s Tokyo Embassy.

Here is more detailed information on the Zojoji Countdown (増上寺 カウントダウン). It’s all in Japanese, but the key thing to note is that the wish cards are handed out beginning at 8:30 p.m. to the first 3,000 people. At 10:30 p.m. you go back to get your balloon. Get there by 8 p.m. and you should be fine. Arrive after 9 p.m. and your odds of getting a balloon are not so good.