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Balloon release party

Today’s photo is a close up of what could be seen in yesterday’s entry. The sign says the balloon (fuusen or 風船) distribution (haifu or 配布) is this way.

For a video of the releasing of the balloons a while later, click here.

Tokyo Countdown 2011

The new year is rapidly approaching. If you are in Tokyo and want to participate, head over to the 23rd annual countdown at Zojoji (増上寺) near Tokyo Tower. Zojoji is not a far walk from Hamamatsucho Station or Tamachi Station. You need to get there early to get a balloon. You can get your balloon number, then go out to dinner, and then come back closer to midnight.

Unlike many places in the world, Japan is rather subdued on New Year’s Eve. Most people sit home and watch the annual Kohaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦 or Red and White Song Battle) which isn’t nearly as fun as the name suggests. In fact, most foreigners find it incredibly boring.

There are activities at other shrines and temples throughout Japan, but most Japanese wait until after the new year begins to go to these places. Other big celebrations (by Japanese standards for New Year’s Eve) in the Tokyo area include Kawasaki Daishi (川崎大師) south of Tokyo and, of course, Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine (明治神宮). The big countdown is really only at Zojoji though.

Even more of Tokyo Tower


Am I up to 36 views of Tokyo Tower yet? I’m not sure. The one below may look familiar. It is basically the same shot from Hiroo as here but at night.

hiro night photography tokyo japan

Tokyo Tower from the base


After countless photos from a distance, I finally got close enough to the Tokyo Tower to take some pictures from the base. Tokyo Tower is the place that some tourists spend their first day in Tokyo at, but I didn’t visit it until about my 900th day in the area. I still haven’t gone up the elevator (and don’t plan to either).

The structures that “got in the way” were either part of 心光教院 or 瑠璃光寺. I don’t remember which. Maybe one from each, although I doubt it.

Tokyo Tower lit blue for World Cup

night photo of tokyo tower lit blue fifa world cup

I saw on the news that Tokyo Tower was being lit blue to support Japan’s soccer team during the World Cup. While in Roppongi last night I confirmed that news report with the above photo.

How will the “Samurai Blue” do against Paraguay?

Rainbow Bridge

lantern boats in tokyo bay

The last time I took a picture like this, it was a cold weekday. Today’s photo was on a warm weekend so there were loads of lantern-adorned boats (yakatabune or 屋形船) filling the Odaiba Harbor in Tokyo Bay. The Tokyo Tower changed its lighting scheme a little later in the evening. None of those pics came out very good though as the Rainbow Bridge we were walking over was shaking too much for decent night photography.

This picture was taken with my TZ10. It came out better than anything my TZ7 could produce at night but falls a bit short of my LX3 for night photography.