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東長谷寺 flowers

東長谷寺 flower shinjuku tokyo japan

Tokyo, Japan

Today’s photo is my random, desktop image of the day and seems appropriate given that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I took this when I was with my sweetheart in Shinjuku nearly seven years ago. I believe we were on one of the walks in this book.

Happy Valentine’s Day

torii tunnel of love inuyama

torii tunnel of love (Inuyama, Japan)

At the end of this series of torii are hundreds of heart-shaped ema. You can see them a bit better in my photo from last year’s Valentine’s Day (バレンタインデー) post.

I’m hoping for some 本命チョコ but not counting on it this year (or any year). 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day

inuyama castle heart shrine torii tunnel

Heart ema at end of torii tunnel at shrine on grounds of Inuyama Castle


Ellie took today’s photo on the day before Valentine’s Day last year in Tokyo. I think she was in a train or subway station. Valentine’s Day works a bit different in Japan. Instead of swapping valentines with significant others, or guys getting their gals flowers or chocolate, females give males chocolate (and not just because they like them). That’s about it–no dinners together or real romance. If a Japanese girl gives you chocolate today be sure to give her chocolate back on White Day in a month.