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Chelsey Keoho saves it

@martenne_18 @chelseykeoho @OregonVB

#1 Stanford women’s volleyball runs record to 22-0!

stanford duck volleyball Martenne Bettendorf Inky Ajanaku Liz Brenner Jordan Burgess

Oregon’s Martenne Bettendorf tries to hit one through the block of Stanford’s Inky Ajanaku and Jordan Burgess while Liz Brenner waits

@StanfordWVB @ajana_WHO @martenne_18 @ElizBrenner

On our way home from Portland to Ashland today, the other members of my car wanted to go shopping. They dropped me off at this game while they headed to the mall. The game didn’t last long as Stanford beat #7 Oregon three straight.

University of Oregon defeats Nebraska (in Nebraska!) to move on to final four

u of o ducks women's volleyball oregon eugene

Oregon will battle #1 seed Nebraska in the semifinals of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship Tournament on December 13 in an attempt to make the finals on the 15th.

NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship

ncaa women's volleyball standford pac-12 oregon university eugene Martenne Bettendorf Canace Finley

Stanford blocks a University of Oregon attempted kill by Martenne Bettendorf

Both Stanford and Oregon have made it easily through the first two rounds of the 2012 NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship Tournament. Later today, they both play again. Oregon goes up against BYU and Stanford takes on Iowa State. If they both continue to win they can meet in the championship game on December 15 in Louisville, Kentucky.

stanford women's volleyball team

Stanford University 2012 Women’s Volleyball Team

Today’s photos were taken last month when these two teams met in Eugene.

P.S. You can watch this game live on

Carly Wopat’s ridiculous vertical jump

Stanford University women's volleyball Carly Wopat action sports photography nikon d7000 nikkor 70-200mm lens f/2.8

I’m not sure how much of this photo is an optical illusion caused by my angle, but (considering the ladies around Carly are all about 6′ tall) doesn’t it look like Carly Wopat can leap about three or four feet into the air straight up?

Alaina Bergsma of the Oregon Ducks

women's volleyball oregon ducks miss oregon alaina bergsma

A little different perspective compared to yesterday’s photo, although both photos were taken from the same seat in the Knight Arena. Alaina is the star of the University of Oregon Women’s Volleyball Team. She is also the current Miss Oregon, having won the title in late 2011.

Posters of Alaina Bergsma were being given out at Sunday’s game.

alaina bergsma oregon women's volleyball poster free eugene