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Portland blossoms


I saw these beauties today in Portland, Oregon at OHSU.

Kandagawa sakura evening

sakura night kanda river


Today’s photo was taken nearly eight years ago. Let the blooming begin.

Japanese cemetery in spring

yanaka-sakura-cemetery tokyo spring

Yanaka cemetery (谷中霊園)


kanda sakura

Cherry blossoms over the Kandagawa (Tokyo, Japan)

Six years ago today this happened.

Five years ago today…

cherry blossoms sakura edogawa tokyo yochien

Nothing is more cheery than Japanese cherry blossoms this time of year, nothing that is except sakura AND a couple dozen kindergartners.

Sakura haiku

yukiko kandagawa sakura haiku

Yukiko’s (由起子) sakura haiku (俳句) about the Kanda River (神田川)

@Haiku_in_Englis @haikunortham @tinywords @HaikuDiem @autohaiku

Five years ago this happened. I have shown other haikus before. This one I don’t get. Read literally it says something like “Kanda River, even read from the bottom, reads Kanda River”, but that isn’t true. Kanda River read from the bottom is River Dakan so what am I missing?

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