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Happy Birthday Mark Osegueda!

Mark Osegueda singer

Mark Osegueda of Death Angel


Death Angel @ Lost On Main (Chico) this Thursday evening (2/6/14)

Ted Aguilar Death Angel

Ted Aguilar of Death Angel @ Getaway Rock Festival 2011

Death Angel isn’t coming to Southern Oregon so I’m thinking I may drive down (3+ hours) to Chico to see them. Crazy? Probably, but I’ve gone much farther to see them before (12+ hours each way in 1987, from Copenhagen, Denmark to Gavle, Sweden in 2011, and almost 5 hours each way in 2012). To not go see them when they are “only” less than 4 hours away seems almost wrong.

Getaway Rock Festival

death angel photo pit getaway rock festival

Death Angel photo pit @ 2011 Getaway Rock Festival

I’d really like to be in Northern Sweden in August of 2014 to see Volbeat, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Watain, and probably another couple dozen great bands. However, it looks like I’ll have to stick with memories of the 2011 festival for the foreseeable future.

Death Angel releases “The Dream Calls For Blood” today

death angel Mark Osegueda

Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda

In some parts of the world you can buy Death Angel‘s latest masterpiece today. In the USA we have to wait a few more days. However, you can listen to it, in its entirety, until October 14, 2013 by clicking on “listening party” here.

Rob Cavestany

Rob Cavestany death angel

Rob Cavestany of Death Angel @ Ace of Spades

The final touches on Death Angel’s next album are currently being made. The documentary, “A Thrashumentary” DVD will be released soon (with a photo or two of mine in it I think). All is well in the world.

Happy Birthday, Rob Cavestany!

rob cavestany guitar ace of spades sacramento photo pass california

Born a mere seven days after I was, Death Angel’s main man continues to write fantastic music. The first time I saw Death Angel live was just over 25 years ago. Looking forward to another 25 years of Death Angel…

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