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A year and a half ago…

"Shelter me from the powder and the finger..."

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Long may you run, Neil; long may you run.

Tonight’s the night…


Neil Young @ Roskilde Festival 2016

@orangefeeling @Neilyoung @POTR #DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio

I’m currently at Desert Trip in Southern California. Last night was Bob Dylan and then The Rolling Stones. Tonight is Neil Young and then Paul McCartney. Tomorrow night is The Who and then Roger Waters. I’m here mainly for Neil Young and Roger Waters, but The Rolling Stones were incredible last night.

Neil Young @ Roskilde

Neil Young and The Promise of the New on the Orange Stage at 2016 Roskilde

Neil Young and “Promise of the Real” on the Orange Stage at 2016 Roskilde

#rf16 @orangefeeling @Neilyoung @POTR

I’ve seen Neil Young many times over the years. And I will see him again at Desert Trip in Southern California later this year (October I think). But his performance at Roskilde really got me. I don’t know exactly what it was–the setlist, something in the air, the rain stopping just before he went on, his “conducting” of Promise of the Real, or just the fact that I haven’t seen him in over a decade? I don’t know, but it really worked for me.

The above photo was taken with an extremely wide-angle lens. I actually wasn’t that far from the stage. The video, below, of Powderfinger is from a guy standing just behind and to the right of me. Of course he has it zoomed up a bit for most of the video.

The setlist, BTW, was:
After the Gold Rush (on piano)
Heart of Gold
The Needle and the Damage Done
Mother Earth (on pump organ)
Out on the Weekend
Unknown Legend
Human Highway
Love to Burn
Mansion on the Hill
Western Hero
Vampire Blues
Country Home
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Seed Justice
Rockin’ in the Free World
Love and Only Love

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