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Kusho Myojin @ Ninnaji


Today’s photo is from Kyoto, Japan. The interesting thing (to me) about these buildings is that even though they are on the site of a Buddhist temple (Ninnaji), they are Shinto in design. These three buildings hold nine gods and have been doing so since 1644. The stone lanterns in front come from the 17th Century as well.

Photomerge from Japan

4-photo photomerge shoji panels paper screens art ninnaji

Several panel shoji inside Kyoto’s Ninnaji

I apologize for not posting more from my adventures in Japan recently, but that’s what happens when you are somewhere else, away from home, and it isn’t Japan.

Today’s random, desktop background is a 4-photo photomerge of the decorated 障子 inside 仁和寺. The temple has been around for more than 1,100 years, but I’m guessing this is a more recent creation. I probably took this photo because the handles on two of the shoji give the appearance of the tree having eyes.

Ninnaji panorama

11-photo photomerge of Ninnaji

After 45 days in Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and London, today I’m heading back to the USA. That means loads of waiting in airports and the ability to finally get around to processing photos like this one from three years ago in Kyoto.

Five-story pagoda of Ninnaji

five story pagoda at ninnaji from south garden

Today’s photo is of the same pagoda shown earlier, from much farther away.

Ninnaji’s 5-story pagoda

five story pagoda ninanji kyoto japan

five-story pagoda 仁和寺五重塔 in Kyoto, Japan

five story pagoda ninanji kyoto japan description history wiki

Ninnaji’s South Garden (仁和寺の南庭) panorama

Ninnaji's South Garden 仁和寺の南庭 photomerge panorama ninnaji south garden dantei kyoto

Photomerge of Ninna-ji’s South Garden
Kyoto, Japan

When I lived in Japan in the 1980s I didn’t get the chance to travel outside of the Tokyo and Yamanashi area. I purchased a set of postcards at the time and looked at them often. Probably half or more were from Kyoto. The only two scenes in these twenty or so postcards that I actually saw in person in the 1980s were Mt. Fuji and a Shinkansen.

Fast forward 25 years, and I was riding a bike through Kyoto stopping at any place that looked interesting without any prior research. I ended up at the entrance gate for Ninnaji and payed 500 yen. After walking around the grounds I felt a bit ripped off. Just before leaving I saw someone hand their admission ticket to a man and enter a building so I followed suit. Moments later I realized that my 500 yen was well spent. This was one of the scenes from one of those postcards I had looked at so fondly decades before! Not only that, but the place was mostly empty. Occasionally another person would wander in and gasp at the beauty of the South Garden (dantei) before heading back out, but for the most part this was my garden to meditate in by myself.

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