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Bike parking @ Pike Place Market

bike parking pike's market seattle

Seattle, Washington

Japanese girl posing in front of the gum wall

market theater gum wall post alley seattle

Gum wall in Post Alley
Seattle, Washington

I spent the last weekend in Seattle and Portland (looking at potential colleges with Ryan). While I was taking photos of The Market Theater Gum Wall, a couple of Japanese females took turns taking photos of each other blowing bubbles in front of it. I snuck in this photo from a distance.

Sanctuary is back

A couple years ago I posted some old photos I took in 1990 of Sanctuary. Before leaving Japan in August of 2010 I saw that they were playing as Sanctuary one night and Nevermore the other on a two-night gig in Kawasaki at Club Citta, where I saw Outrage. However, that show took place after I left Japan so I was unable to attend.

I was in Seattle at El Corazon on January 13 and 14 when I took today’s photo (above). They played last Friday when I was back home, far from Seattle, so once again I missed them. But it looks like they are back together and plan to create some new Sanctuary tunes.

Japanese Garden

I have spent the past few days in Seattle. I’ll post some photos on my other blog over the next week or two if you are interested.

The photo above is of the Japanese Garden on the edge of Washington Park. I couldn’t actually go in the Japanese Garden as it is closed in December and January, but I took a walk around it and took this photo through a fence at a distance. The sky was gray and this isn’t the best time of year for such a place, but I bet it is beautiful in spring and fall.

Last glimpse of Seattle

Tomorrow we will return to things Japanese. I still have another half dozen or so decent pictures of Seattle that I may resurrect at some point in the future, but for now we’ll give Seattle a rest.

Today’s photograph is of the Space Needle as reflected in the Experience Music Project exterior. The blue building on the right is the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

Venus Space Needle

From across the street of the Gates Foundation parking garage you can see this view. Included is a artsy wall of sorts (on the right), Experience Music Project (lower left), the Space Needle (of course), and if you look really closely (it’s easier to see if you click on the image) you can even see the planet Venus in the sky. Of course, Venus isn’t there every evening. I got lucky.