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Mt. Shasta from Lake Siskiyou

Yesterday we met up with friends at Lake Siskiyou in California near the town of Mt. Shasta. We got rained on in the car on the way down I-5 and could barely see Mt. Shasta so things weren’t looking good. Once we got there the rain resumed. However, after an hour or so the weather cleared and we headed to the beach.

The day turned into a great one as the skies cleared and the beach was nearly empty. The remaining clouds danced around Mt. Shasta for our viewing pleasure.

mt. shasta

I attempted to take the same picture four times using four different settings (vivid green, vivid blue, vivid red, and sepia). The first three all look identical to my eyes. The sepia one came out kind of nice looking though.

sepia Mt. Shasta

We rented paddle boats and the kids went exploring.

paddle boats on lake siskiyou

Last, but not least, is a vertical shot (which probably looks better in a vertical blog than the others). They all look best if you click on them after maximizing your browser window.

mount shasta from lake siskiyou california

2 Responses to “Mt. Shasta from Lake Siskiyou”

  1. 1
    Meagan Lauing:

    Wow, your photos are awesome! So much better than that lame one I snapped with my iPhone this past weekend. What kind of camera were you using?

  2. 2

    Thanks! I was using my Canon S3.