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Caldwell Lakes Hike

Mt. Shasta from the Caldwell Lake Trail

Aerial shot of Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta from above

My random, desktop image of the day is from our trip to Hawaii last December. Our first leg was MFR to SFO, and this was the view from the plane window. I always try to sit next to a window on the side with a view of Mt. Shasta.

Castle Lake and Mt. Shasta

mount shasta black butte castle lake

View from Castle Lake Trail

More than three years ago I posted a photo on my other blog showing Castle Lake from near the parking lot. Today’s photo is from the other direction looking back toward where I took that previous pic. The season is a bit different as well. Today’s photograph is from August. The other was from late spring. If you were to stand in this spot right now (December) you would be in several feet of snow, the lake wouldn’t have any people in it (if you click on the photo for a larger view you can see several kayaks), and Mt. Shasta would be completely white with snow.

Mt. Shasta wilderness panorama

castle lake mt. shasta black butte mountain castle crags hiking

We did a little hiking in the mountains near Mt. Shasta in California this past weekend. In today’s photo (covering about 180 degrees) you can see Castle Lake, Heart Lake (lower left corner partially obscured by trees), Black Butte, and (on the far right) Castle Crags.