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Arakawa in Shosenkyo

The Arakawa in Yamanashi is not the same as the Arakawa in Tokyo. This one runs through Shosenkyo and then joins up with the Fujikawa (富士川).


shosenkyo gorge arakawa river

Shosenkyo Gorge (昇仙峡) and the Arakawa River

As previously mentioned, Kakuenbo (覚円峰) is the most common photo you see in advertisements for Shosenkyo (昇仙峡). After seeing it only in photos for 25 years or so, today’s photo shows my first glimpse of it in the flesh.

Hike through Shosenkyo Gorge

photomerge panorama shosenkyo hike

Photomerged panorama of the Shosenkyo hike

Hottest day of the year, hottest part of Japan, extremely humid, and I was going to go on a long, uphill hike. The good news was the hike was mostly in the shade. Most people drive up to Shosenkyo these days via a car or bus. Don’t do it. Walk up. It’s a beautiful journey that you will mostly miss in a vehicle.

Shosenkyo Gorge (Arakawa River)

昇仙峡 荒川 甲府 山梨県 nikon d600 kofu

昇仙峡 荒川

Skycycle Ride at Arakawa Amusement Park (あらかわ遊園)

Arakawa Amusement Park あらかわ遊園 tokyo with kids what to do

If you are looking for an inexpensive activity with kids in Tokyo, Arakawa Amusement Park is the place for you. Way cheaper than Tokyo Disneyland, and with ride lines that are tiny by comparison, you’ll still get that Japanese amusement park experience without breaking the bank and wasting most of your day in endless queues. One of the funnest things is getting there as you can take the old Tokyo street car line (Tokyo Toden Arakawa Line). Avoid Sundays (and Saturdays but to a lesser extent) for best results.

Guinea Pig (モルモット) bliss

Who knew that putting a rodent in someone’s lap could cause such a change in happiness?

Arakawa Amusement Park (あらかわ遊園) was the place. If you are visiting Tokyo with kids this is an easy place to get to on the Toden Arakawa Line (都電荒川線) (and it’s cheap).