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Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社)


My random, desktop image of the day is from four years ago this month.

Kushida Jinja

kushida jinja fukuoka

Kushida Jinja (Fukuoka, Japan)

Holy water @ Kushida Jinja

fukuoka crane well

霊泉 鶴の井戸(櫛田神社)

At the well of the crane in Fukuoka you can partake from the holy springs on the grounds of Kushida Shrine. The sign says that your first drink will give you perpetual youth, your second drink will give your family perpetual youth, and your third drink will give your friends perpetual youth. I don’t remember if I pertook, but if I did, it hasn’t worked.

Kushida Tengu

kushida tengu

天狗 @ 櫛田神社 (Fukuoka, Japan)

Omikuji and shimenawa

omikuji fukuoka

Kushida Jinja (櫛田神社)

Shrinking areas of Japanese shrines

kushida jinja fukuoka torii cement

Kushida Jinja (Fukuoka, Japan) cement torii blocks from central shrine

The acreage under many of Japan’s Shinto shrines has decreased over the years. The torii gate in today’s photo welcomes you to Kushida Jinja, yet you have to walk a while to get from this gate to the modern shrine grounds these days. Does the shrine still own all of the land between its historic perimeter and its current location? I don’t know.