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Happy Birthday Troy Sanders!

troy sanders september 8 birthday mastodon

Troy Sanders

Roskilde Festival VIP and Press area

backstage roskilde mastodon

Backstage @ Roskilde Festival (Mastodon fans)

With 130,000 people on the other side of the stages (many of whom have been camping for days), sometimes it’s nice to sneak back to the better smelling, less-crowded area reserved for those with connections. While sitting in a hammock seat I snuck this photo of these Mastodon fans before the Mastodon set.

Two years ago today this happened…

mastodon oakland fox theater

Mastodon @ Oakland’s Fox Theater (April 27, 2012)

Mastodon (Gojira and Kvelertak) US tour begins 4/28/14

troy sanders mastodon

Troy Sanders of Mastodon

This seems like too much fun to pass up. If they were playing with two bands I hated I could probably skip this, but I really want to see Gojira, and even though I’m not familiar with Kverlertak, they can’t be bad coming from Norway, right? So next week I may be making the trek to Portland (4/29/14) to hang out with the Mastodon boys and experience their amazingness yet again.

Happy Birthday Bill Kelliher!

bill kelliher mastodon les paul gibson guitar

Bill Kelliher of Mastodon with his Gibson Les Paul guitar

The show is about to start…

mastodon roskilde brent hinds about to hit the stage

Today’s photo is of Brent Hinds of Mastodon moments before the band took the stage in front of tens of thousands of people at the Roskilde Festival in 2011.

Mastodon’s new album should be out in the next few months. I can’t wait.