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Very different angle on Skógafoss

Skógafoss iceland

Skógafoss from the top of the falls

Green landscapes are not the first thing that pops into one’s head when thinking of Iceland. However, in early August, after about 3 months of nearly continuous sunlight, there is indeed a lot of green to be found in Iceland.

I’ve never thought of becoming a sheep farmer, but imagine being THE sheep farmer in this photo and living in this location. Those little white things (on the left-hand side of the center of the image) are sheep.

Vatnajökull Glacier from a distance

Vatnajökull Glacier iceland south ring road southern

Vatnajökull Glacier

Vik Lupin

vik iceland ring road lupin nootka

Vik, Iceland

Skaftafell National Park

Hundafoss river iceland topaz denoise ai-denoise

Near Hundafoss (Iceland)


Mount Esja (Iceland)

My first stop, after picking up my campervan near the airport on my way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and Westfjords, was this one. I had planned to do a hike of just under 5 miles. Alas, my back was killing me so I ended up walking just a couple hundred yards instead. The views were spectacular, but I would love to be able to do the entire hike someday.

Iceland’s Ring Road meets a glacier

Where the glacier meets the road