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Very different angle on Skógafoss

Skógafoss iceland

Skógafoss from the top of the falls

Green landscapes are not the first thing that pops into one’s head when thinking of Iceland. However, in early August, after about 3 months of nearly continuous sunlight, there is indeed a lot of green to be found in Iceland.

I’ve never thought of becoming a sheep farmer, but imagine being THE sheep farmer in this photo and living in this location. Those little white things (on the left-hand side of the center of the image) are sheep.



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The worst part of my recent trip to Iceland was that my phone decided to stop functioning just before my flight from Prague. This meant no music on the plane, no GPS in Iceland, and–worst of all–driving for three days straight with nothing to listen to. Have you ever driven, by yourself, for an extended period of time with no radio, music, or podcasts to listen to? Try it. You will begin to go a bit crazy after a while.

What I really wanted to listen to was Sólstafir. The music would have fit in so well with the setting. One of their videos features about four of the places I visited, including today’s photo of the Skogafoss waterfall. This place looked like the ultimate camping experience. The sound of the waterfall and the lush green grass would make for a wonderful night of sleep.