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National Flower of Ukraine

sunflowers czech republic between prague and Hradec Kralove topaz denoise ai-clear

Sunflowers in the Czech Republic (between Prague and Hradec Kralove – August 2021)

#ukraine #sunflowers #czech

Today’s photo comes from about 600 kilometers west of Ukraine.

Sunflower fisherman

sunflower fisherman shosenkyo

Shosenkyo Sunflower Fisherman (near Kofu, Japan)

Japanese Sunflower Houses

himawari sunflowers kofu kai yamanashi japan night

himawari (ひまわり) houses

While riding my bike back from Kofu to the onsen I was staying at in Kai (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan) I came upon these houses in the dark. The street was somewhat busy for that time of night as it is the main thoroughfare (yamanotedoori or 山の手通り). I took a long exposure and let the headlights of the passing motorists light the scene for me.