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Nippori Station (日暮里駅)

nippori station tokyo japan

Nippori Station – Tokyo, Japan

All Aboard!

tennoji station kansai kuko airport train wakayama

Train heading for the Osaka Airport (KIX or Kansai Kuko or 関西国際空港) and then on to Wakayama (和歌山)

The scene on the day I left Japan for Korea last summer as I stood on the platform in the Tennoji Station in Osaka…

It doesn’t look like I will be going to Asia this year, but I will likely be spending a couple weeks in Mexico in August, my first return to Mexico in about eight years.

View from train window on Flam Railway Line

flam railway line waterfall

Flam Railway Line

Shortly after taking this photo I took today’s photo as the train plunged down to the fjord below.

Streetcar bound for Waseda (早稲田)

Reflections in Kitasenju Station (北千住駅)

Kitasenju Station tokyo

Kitasenju Station
Tokyo, Japan

Train ride back to Copenhagen from the Roskilde Festival

copenhagen roskilde train denmark

It was nearly 3 a.m. when I took today’s photo. Less than a half hour before I was enjoying one of Ghost’s first major performances at the Roskilde Festival. Six or seven hours after this pic I was back on the train going in the opposite direction from Copenhagen (København) to Aarhus.