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Four years ago today…

rooks park bennington lake parking lot walla walla

Rooks Park / Bennington Lake parking lot (Walla Walla, Washington)

Mill Creek


Ducks on the pond

Ducks on the pond

A little something from a recruiting trip to Walla Walla a few years ago today.

Walking the Walla Walla dog

Walking the dog

Just over a year ago this happened. Sadly, I don’t think I will ever have a reason to head to this part of Washington again. I would like to see Palouse Falls (especially with a sky like this) someday though.

Walla Walla walk

Walla Walla Walkin

I had hours to kill in Walla Walla last Friday. I was thinking about going to Palouse Falls, but it rained all morning, and I didn’t want to drive over 3 hours round trip with a chance of not seeing the falls due to rain. When things cleared up I opted for a shorter drive and walk (from Rooks Park to Bennington Lake where this photo was taken). The sky was really pretty the entire time. In some ways I was regretting not seeing Palouse Falls with such a spectacular sky, but it was too late at that point to make the trip. Next time…

Whitman College

Whitman College


Ellie is still figuring out where she will be in the fall. Today she is checking out Whitman. Ryan is already a Duck. Maybe today’s photo represents my kids’ future?