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Koganei Park Visitor Center



Today’s photo comes from a walk I did in Tokyo over six years ago. If I ever make it back to this place I want to visit the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. In addition to the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum they have now added an indoor museum (江戸東京博物館).

No peeping photos

peeping photos sign shakujii river

No peeping photos (盗撮) sign @ Shakujii River near Oji Station in Tokyo

After taking photos of kids playing in the river I saw this sign telling me not to take photos of kids in the river. I had left my hat, sunglasses, and mask at home, though, so maybe I was OK.

The Japanese like rules. The rules are posted all over everything, even though it’s tough to imagine them doing the things the signs say not to do. In addition, the signs are frequently an eyesore; they tell people to keep things pretty when the scenery would in fact look prettier without the sign.

Tokyo artist

artist in Shakujii Park (石神井公園)

artist in Shakujii Park (石神井公園)

More than four years have passed since I happened upon this scene in Tokyo’s Nerima Ku. I think I’m ready for another year-long sabbatical in Japan. If only everyone else felt that way…

Muikara Minka-en むいから民家園

Muikara Minka-en むいから民家園

Muikara Minka-en (むいから民家園) – Komae City (狛江市)

As part of one of our “Water Walks in the Suburbs of Tokyo” we stumbled upon this free museum of sorts in Komae City (狛江市), part of Tokyo. Muikara Minkaen wasn’t in the book as it was newly reconstructed on this spot after the guidebook was written. Originally built in the 18th Century, this old farm house was relocated twice due to expansion of the Odakyu Train Line. If you want to visit, the address is 狛江市元和泉2-15-5. The grounds are not open on Wednesday or Thursday.

Tokyo Metropolitan Shakujii Park

A bicycle sits alone in Tokyo's Shakujii Park

If you like to people watch, head to one of Tokyo’s many parks on a weekend or holiday. For something more solitary, check ’em out on a weekday. Chances are pretty good that you won’t see anyone other than a few retired folk and/or some pre-schoolers. It may end up just being you, a parked bike, and a sign at Shakujii Park (石神井公園).

Oji Inari Jinja

At first glance, I wasn’t sure when I took this photo. The Japanese maples have green leaves, yet there are leaves on the ground and on the shrine roof. In well-populated parts of Japan the leaves are swept up so quickly that autumn doesn’t seem like autumn for long once the leaves fall. However, this isn’t autumn at all or the maple leaves wouldn’t be green. Someone just got a little “lazy” with the leaf sweep the prior fall. I took this photo of the most rear structure in the 王子稲荷神社 complex in early May of last year. The angle is a bit unusual. Normally you don’t find yourself above a shrine and above the torii.

Don’t confuse Oji Inari Jinja with Oji Jinja. This one is better even though Oji Jinja is one of the “Tokyo Jissha” (東京十社 or ten shrines of Tokyo).