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Tokyo artist

artist in Shakujii Park (石神井公園)

artist in Shakujii Park (石神井公園)

More than four years have passed since I happened upon this scene in Tokyo’s Nerima Ku. I think I’m ready for another year-long sabbatical in Japan. If only everyone else felt that way…

Shinjuku Gyoen

shinjuku gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)
Tokyo, Japan

My random, desktop image of the day is another one from the 2010 archives.

The lotus and the lily pads

In Suginami-Ku in Tokyo you can find Zenpukuji Park (善福寺公園). In that park in early summer the lotus flowers and lily pads are quite a sight.

Yoyogi Park in December

It has been snowing in my neck of the woods for a couple of weeks by now, but in Tokyo December seems like autumn. I took today’s photo on December 12, 2009 in Yoyogi Park near the Harajuku Station.