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Poland shows

Some more photos from the two nights in a row that I saw Gruzja, KAT, and Vader in Poznan and Warsaw, Poland.

Metal Monday

Gruzja @ Josefstadt

Today’s photo comes from the third time I saw Gruzja this summer and the first time outside of Poland. The first two times they had three vocalists. Because three is not enough, they added a fourth at Josefstadt (the guy on the right).

Poznan blue hour

poznan poland old town square

Poznan, Poland

Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science warsaw poland

Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw, Poland)

I thought about going to the top of this building earlier in the day, but the line was long and the weather wasn’t good for views anyway.

After dinner, the bus I got on went in an unexpected direction and I ended up here again. This place is much better looking at night so I was kind of glad my route home got a bit sidetracked.

Warsaw Old Town

11 photo photomerge warsaw old town square

11-photo photomerge of Warsaw Old Town Market Square (Poland)

Multiple choice question:
When was Warsaw’s Old Town constructed?
a) 13th century
b) 1945-1951
c) both a and b are true

Vader in Poland


I love seeing bands in their home country, even if it means I can’t understand their between-songs banter. So when the chance arose to see Vader not once, but twice, in Poland I went for it. I’ll be seeing them again in a few days in the Czech Republic.