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kofu station vending machine

Kofu Station vending machine

Kofu (甲府) is the first place I lived in Japan so it’s super nostalgic to me and always will be. Today’s photo comes from 2013, the last time I was there. Hopefully I get back there again someday.

Temizuya (手水舎) @ Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社)

temizuya jidohanbaiki fukuoka

Temizuya and vending machines (jidohanbaiki) @ Fukuoka Shinto shrine

Approaching Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社) after dark

Kushida-jinja 櫛田神社 lanterns vending machine night

path to shrine lit by paper lanterns and a vending machine

Vending Machine heaven

kamakura japan vending machine

Japan’s ubiquitous jidohanbaiki (自動販売機) cannot be missed. Today’s photo is not from a vending machine factory or even an amusement park. This was just an ordinary street in Kamakura.

Japanese Liquor Store – Kamakura, Japan

kamakura beer brewery

I took today’s photo in Kamakura because of the cool-looking, old-style, Japanese building. This kind of architecture isn’t as common as it once was, but you can still find it, even in big cities.

Based on the sign in the lower left corner of the picture, you can buy specialty (microbrewery) beer here. Kamakura Beer (鎌倉ビール) appears to offer a variety of beers. I never saw Kamakura Beer, or other microbrews, for sale at most locations in Japan. Usually, stores offered a wide variety of beer that tasted pretty much the same (boring lagers). If this liquor store is closed when you visit Kamakura, you can buy from the vending machine out front (lower right part of pic). Now that is something you won’t find in most other parts of the world.

Vending Machines at night

There is something like 6 million vending machines (自動販売機) in Japan. I kid you not. At night they are all aglow, which makes you wonder why street lights are even necessary since you can see the streets just fine by the glow of the vending machines.

I took today’s photo somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya.