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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate

Today’s photo comes from our decent into SFO on our way to Hawaii a couple of Decembers ago.

Turn an eyesore into art

Turn eyesores into art

Today’s photo comes from Treasure Island in San Francisco. More specifically, this mural is on the exterior of a shipping container restaurant and bar known as Mersea.

Six years ago today…

San Francisco

Skimboarding in San Francisco


Alcatraz’s D Block

alcatraz d block

Alcatraz “D block”

I’ve always been fascinated with Alcatraz. Today’s photo is almost 10-years old, but it features Alcatraz’s most notorious block–the one with solitary confinement (lower right). There weren’t many solitary confinement cells at Alcatraz, but all were in D block.

Happy birthday, Angus Young!

AC/DC in San Francisco

@acdc @ACDCFans #AngusYoung

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