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Ashland rainbow

Ashland rainbow

Softball under the rainbow


Last night there was a rather spectacular storm in Southern Oregon. I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to settle for this short video with my phone. We had our first softball practice of the year. With the rainbow and lightning striking all over the place, it was awesome.

Beatty rainbow

rainbow beatty oregon

Rainbow in Beatty, Oregon

Two years ago, this happened.

SOU rainbow

sou campus rainbow

Rainbow from Southern Oregon University campus


Today is another great day to be a Raider.

RAW vs jpg (#6 or 7 or something)

jpg image, straight out of the camera

jpg image, straight out of the camera

I have mentioned several times before that there are situations where images shot as jpgs are “throw aways” that had they been shot in RAW format could be salvaged.

Today’s comparison is one such example. With a rainbow outside a dimly-lit gym, I had the choice of shooting the rainbow and getting a nearly black gym (above) or shooting the action on the court and getting a white sky (not shown). By shooting in RAW I was able to process the above image to come up with what you see below.

ahs volleyball rainbow

Ashland High School volleyball – rainbow out gym window in front of Grizzly Peak

By the way, Ashland won last night, advanced to the Sweet 16 in state, and will be playing in St. Helens on Saturday. The winner moves on to the Elite 8 round.

Rainbow from Coors Field

denver rainbow from coors field

Denver, Colorado rainbow

I’m away from Ashland again for a couple weeks so I will be dipping into the archives or sharing photos from my trip to Mexico for the time being. Today’s photo is from my stop in Denver yesterday (enroute to Guanajuato, Ashland’s sister city).

Rainbow over Ashland

ashland oregon rainbow

We’ve been having some great skies the past few days. I love February’s annual false spring.

Will there be a summer this year?

The weather has been brutal this year. Temperatures have usually been below normal and the amount of rain has to be among the most in recorded history for the area. This rainbow is from two weeks ago, but it has rained a lot since then.

Rainbow over Ashland

Wide angle rainbow

I’m digging my new camera. My old S3 would not have been able to capture the entire rainbow.