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Metal Monday

Gruzja @ Josefstadt

Today’s photo comes from the third time I saw Gruzja this summer and the first time outside of Poland. The first two times they had three vocalists. Because three is not enough, they added a fourth at Josefstadt (the guy on the right).


josefstadt catastrofy topaz denoise ai-standard

Catastrofy doing their party-thrash thing

Less than a week ago, this happened.

josefstadt doomas topaz denoise ai-low-light

Doomas delivering some galloping doom

innersphere josefstadt topaz denoise ai-low-light

Innersphere @ Josefstadt

josefstadt altars ablaze topaz denoise ai-standard

Altars Ablaze melting in the heat on the Octagon stage

Prague Sunset

prague sunset

Vltava River

Farewell to Europe for another year

prague old town from tower Klementinum

Prague’s Old Town from the Klementinum Astronomical Tower

Today I fly home after a couple of months in Denmark, Poland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, and the Czech Republic. Even with limited festivals and music opportunities, I think this was the best summer in Europe for me yet. I hope to do it all again in 2022.

Czech rainbow

 rainbow near Chvalšiny czech republic

Rainbow near Chvalšiny (Czech Republic)

I frequently describe to friends the “magic” I experience when traveling. This year has been no exception. In fact, there has been even more than normal. I don’t know if there has been even a single day in the past couple of months without at least an incident or two.

Which is my lead-in for today’s photo… Another travel day which was supposed to be uneventful, simply go from point A (Plzen) to point B (Český Krumlov). The landscape was far more interesting than I imagined, so I ended up making a number of stops to take photos and enjoy the scenery. After one of the stops, Google maps directed me up a hill to the left of town instead of where I thought I was going (straight through town). I didn’t question Google maps as I had never been here. Also, I was zoomed in too much to see that my point B wasn’t up the hill or in that direction at all.

So I drove up the hill for a few kilometers before Google told me to make a u-turn and go back to where I had just come from before going through town. I was a little pissed and wondered how Google had made such a mistake. I audibly said to the air, “Why did you send me up this road, Google?” At that very moment, I rounded a corner to view the most vivid rainbow I think I have ever seen. I responded to the rainbow with, “Oh Google, this is why you sent me here!” The photo isn’t actually that great as it began to fade as I pulled over, got the camera out, etc.

Český Krumlov panorama

Český Krumlov