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Saint Petersburg Revisited

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St Petersburg russia isaac cathedral-clear

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Today’s photo comes from last summer, a summer that ended my run of European summers at four in a row. Hopefully, things are back to normal next summer. My 2020 plans of hitting new countries like Poland, Slovenia, and Austria have been postponed for at least a year.

This photo was taken just before, or just after–I don’t remember, I had an amazing meal of beef Stroganov in its place of origin. The golden doom in the background is not part of the Four Season Hotel. Instead, it’s part of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

One night in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) blue hourroquia de San Miguel Arcángel

1889 Gävle Skola

130-year old school house

Today’s photo was taken after midnight on my way back to my Airbnb after the Gefle Metal Festival was over a couple years ago.

This year my Airbnb in Gävle was in an amazing house of similar age.

Blue Hour Little Mermaid

Copenhagen's Little Mermaid under a full moon during the blue hour

@VisitCopenhagen #LittleMermaid #Copenhagen #Denmark

Flashback Friday to my neighborhood in Copenhagen last year. I really missed not being in the Inner City (Indre By) this year and hope to remedy that situation next year.

Bandon Blue Hour

bandon pacific ocean blue hour

Bandon, Oregon

All Souls Church, Langham Place

Blue hour and the All Souls Church

@AllSoulsLP #bluehour #london