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Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science warsaw poland

Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw, Poland)

I thought about going to the top of this building earlier in the day, but the line was long and the weather wasn’t good for views anyway.

After dinner, the bus I got on went in an unexpected direction and I ended up here again. This place is much better looking at night so I was kind of glad my route home got a bit sidetracked.

St. Mary’s Cathedral and Krakow’s Old Town Square

Blue Hour Main Market Square in Kraków, Poland

The next day I climbed to the top of the tower for the opposite view, but it was the middle of the day, instead of after sunset, so not quite as impressive lighting-wise.

Krakow Old Town Square

krakow old town square

Krakow blue hour

Tallinn blue hour

Tallinn blue hour (midnight hour actually)

11 months ago this magical evening happened.


Oberbaumbrücke @ dusk

The Oberbaum Bridge crossed between the American and Soviet sections of post-WW2 Berlin. Until the mid-1950s, pedestrians, motor vehicles, and the city tramway were able to cross the bridge without difficulty. However, when the Berlin Wall was built in 1961, the bridge became part of East Berlin’s border with West Berlin.

Saint Petersburg Revisited

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St Petersburg russia isaac cathedral-clear

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Today’s photo comes from last summer, a summer that ended my run of European summers at four in a row. Hopefully, things are back to normal next summer. My 2020 plans of hitting new countries like Poland, Slovenia, and Austria have been postponed for at least a year.

This photo was taken just before, or just after–I don’t remember, I had an amazing meal of beef Stroganov in its place of origin. The golden doom in the background is not part of the Four Season Hotel. Instead, it’s part of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.