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Los Angeles nightscape

los angeles california after dark night photography

After seeing the view from Griffith Observatory during the day, I thought I would head back up there at night for some more photos. However, after the Dodgers game I was able to capture the above from the parking lot at Chavez Ravine so I never made it back up to Griffith Park.

Evening on an Amsterdam canal

amsterdam night photography canal lights dutch style

You can live on your boat in an Amsterdam canal. People have taken this one step further and set up abodes on the water that aren’t even boats. If you click on this image for a larger view you can see some of these top-of-the-water dwellings.

Pancake Corner

amsterdam pancake corner police horseback bulldog coffee shop Leidseplein

I did absolutely no research prior to arriving in Amsterdam last summer. So when I walked out of my hotel to find that I was staying in a district (Leidseplein) with this much nightlife activity I was a bit surprised. Without even participating in the possible debauchery the scene was a trip. Ten shots of Jägermeister for only 10 Euro? And I could get pancakes to go along with that? Or I could head next door to The Bulldog Palace Coffeeshop and order off an extensive menu of legal cannabis. Pot not your thing? Farther down this road you can have your choice of magic mushrooms. Actually you didn’t have to purchase or consume anything to get your head spinning. Just wondering what the mounted police could possibly do while on the back of a horse was enough to send your mind into space.

I found out later in the evening that the hotcakes at Pancake Corner come served with huge scoops of ice cream on top. Weird.

Nyhavn after dark

night photography nyhavn denmark copenhagen after dark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark - July 2011

Tokyo sunset with crescent moon and Mt. Fuji

mount fuji sunset tokyo crescent moon 富士山 夕焼け 三日月

Mt. Fuji (富士山) is on the right of this photo in the distance. The building in the center with the tall smokestack is the Meguro Incinerator. One of these days I’ll have to tell you about the incinerator tour I went on in Japan.

Some Japanese vocabulary for those of you learning Japanese at the moment…

sunset = yuuyake = 夕焼け (literally: evening burn)
crescent moon = mikazuki = 三日月 (literally: three day moon)

As always, these photos look much better on a big screen after clicking on them. I have had several people ask about using my images. Here is the deal. All images can be used under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use only. What this means is you are free to use images from on your blog, Facebook, for fun, etc., but you must link to the page on this site that has the photo. If you don’t know that specific page, you can simply link to from the same page you include the photo. If you want to use a photo for any commercial use you must contact me before using the image and we can work something out. All images are copyrighted, even though I allow people to use them.

For each picture I post there are actually two images on the server. The one you see above is a small one. For the larger size (great for desktop backgrounds) click on the image first and then save the image that appears. I have even larger images available should you ever want to make a print.

Port of Gavle, Sweden

port of gavle harbor baltic sea sweden night photography

Ever taken a photo without flash at 1 a.m.? Usually the photos aren’t very successful unless you leave the shutter open for a long time. However, for this photo the shutter was open for just 1/2 second. The secret? I took it in early July in northern Sweden, a time of year and place in which things never get completely dark.

If you are ever zipping around in your boat on the Baltic Sea and need a place to rest for the evening, the Port of Gävle is a nice little place to moor your transportation.