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Happy Sunday

Church of bullets in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

@SFMOMA #AlFarrow @marilynmanson

“I got a crush on a pretty pistol
Should I tell her that I feel this way?
Father told us to be faithful

I got a crush on a pretty pistol
Should I tell her that I feel this way?
I’ve got love songs in my head
That are killing us away

Do you love your guns? Yeah
god? Yeah
The government?
Fuck yeah”

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, California)

Happy birthday, Adrian Conner!

adrian conner hells belles

Adrian Conner of Hell’s Belles (January 2013)

@SpazKittyAdrian @HellsBellesUSA #hellsbelles

Five years ago today…

Gretchen Menn of Zepparella

@GretchenMenn @Zepparella

Happy birthday, Anders Fridén!

in flames

Anders Fridén


It’s been almost five years since I’ve seen In Flames. I’ll see them again at Copenhell in less than three months.

Opeth, In Flames, and Red Fang (Communion of Sirens Tour)

@RedFang @OfficialOpeth @OpethJp @InFlames_SWE

I just missed catching this tour. They played in Chicago a couple nights ago, and I will be in Chicago tonight. Oh well. Believe it or not, Red Fang is the band I’d like to see most. Although I’m a huge fan of both Opeth and In Flames, I have found little to get excited over on their last few albums. Plus, I’ve never seen Red Fang.