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nikko snow

My random, desktop image of the day reminds me that six years and two months ago I had an incredible day in snowy Nikko.

Ferry to Miyajima


Misplaced water

miyajima rain itsukushima torii low tide

Itsukushima (厳島), AKA Miyajima

Tunnel of torii gates

nezu jinja tokyo torii gates path

Torii-lined pathway @ Nezu Jinja (根津神社) in Tokyo

Happy Valentine’s Day

torii tunnel of love inuyama

torii tunnel of love (Inuyama, Japan)

At the end of this series of torii are hundreds of heart-shaped ema. You can see them a bit better in my photo from last year’s Valentine’s Day (バレンタインデー) post.

I’m hoping for some 本命チョコ but not counting on it this year (or any year). 😉

Shrinking areas of Japanese shrines

kushida jinja fukuoka torii cement

Kushida Jinja (Fukuoka, Japan) cement torii blocks from central shrine

The acreage under many of Japan’s Shinto shrines has decreased over the years. The torii gate in today’s photo welcomes you to Kushida Jinja, yet you have to walk a while to get from this gate to the modern shrine grounds these days. Does the shrine still own all of the land between its historic perimeter and its current location? I don’t know.