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Am I Evil?

diamond head metal brew

Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016 @MetalMagicDK

In less than two months I will be off to Europe. Today I received the good news that I will be shooting Copenhell again (Slayer, System of a Down, In Flames, Ministry, Saxon, Opeth, Overkill, Carcass, Baroness, Myrkur, Candlemass, Batushka, etc.) I’ve yet to hear back from Roskilde Festival and Gefle Metal Festival.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 Metal Magic Festival, I wasn’t planning on going back because it’s a long and expensive train ride from Copenhagen, and I’m teaching in Copenhagen the Friday right in the middle of the festival. However, they just announced that Diamond Head will be on the bill! Now I’m torn.

If Diamond Head is playing on Thursday or Saturday AND at least two of the bands below are also playing on Thursday or Saturday, then I will probably make the trip for just that day.


Iron Angel at Metal Magic




One of the funnest performances I had the pleasure of witnessing in 2016 was Iron Angel from Germany. I wasn’t that familiar with them before the show but have enjoyed their music since. It always brings a smile to my face after having seen them live. As far as I know, they’ve never played in the USA.

Jojo and Didy

Jojo and Didy

Magister Templi @ Metal Magic

Magister Templi metal magic festival

Magister Templi @ 2016 Metal Magic Festival (Fredericia, Denmark)

@MetalMagicDK @CruzDelSurMusic

I was unsure, until the last minute, if I would be able to attend the Metal Magic Festival this year. In fact, I only made it for the final day. Hence, I was unfamiliar with some bands that turned out to be great. Magister Templi, from Oslo, Norway, was one of them. They don’t really sound like anyone in particular, but I suppose if you are a fan of Candlemass you will like them.

Uli Jon Roth @ 2016 Metal Magic Festival

@MetalMagicDK uli jon roth metal magic festival

Uli Jon Roth @ 2016 Metal Magic Festival

@MetalMagicDK @UliJonRoth1

As mentioned previously, the Scorpions didn’t work for me at Copenhell. Uli Jon Roth, on the other hand, did. While the Scorpions no longer play their better songs (mostly written by Roth), Uli played nothing but early Scorpions (and a couple Hendrix covers) on this evening. I wouldn’t have minded some Electric Sun tunes as well, but I’m not going to complain.

The setlist was:
All Night Long
Longing for Fire
The Sails of Charon
Sun in My Hand
We’ll Burn the Sky
In Trance
Rainbow Dream Prelude
Fly to the Rainbow
I’ve Got to Be Free
Dark Lady
All Along the Watchtower
Little Wing
Catch Your Train
Pictured Life

“We’ll Burn the Sky” followed by “In Trance” was particularly amazing in my mind.

 Niklas Turmann uli jon roth metal magic festival

Uli Jon Roth Band doing “Scorpions Revisited”

Aosoth @ Metal Magic Festival

aosoth magic metal festival

Aosoth @ 2016 Metal Magic Festival

@agoniarecords @MetalMagicDK

I was initially clued into the existence of the Metal Magic Festival by looking at where Uli Jon Roth would be playing in 2016. When I saw he would be playing in Denmark when I was also in Denmark I delved into the other bands on the bill. The one that rose to the top was Aosoth. Their most recent album, in particular, is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard.

They’ve only played one gig, ever, in the USA, and that was on the east coast. This was probably my only chance to ever see them live. They did not disappoint.

aosoth magic metal festival setlist

Aosoth setlist

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