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Sunset one year ago today…

Sunset over Metal Magic Festival camp


Chevalier @ 2019 Metal Magic Festival

chevalier tommi mikko metal magic festival-denoise

Chevalier @ 2019 Metal Magic Festival

#Chevalier @MetalMagicDK

In a slightly different universe, the one without COVID-19, I’m at the third day of the 2020 Metal Magic Festival right now. I’m currently listening to Heathen as I type this from my office in the USA, so at least that is the same.

Happy birthday, Abbz!

abbz of Diamond Head @ 2017 Metal Magic Festival

@MetalMagicDK @DH_Diamond_Head @DiamondHeadAbbz

Killing @ Metal Magic

killing metal magic-denoise

Killing @ 2019 Metal Magic Festival


I’m not sure if this will remain active, but you can still watch the Killing set below:

Killing is done. Fun set.

Metal Monday

Attila Gábor Csihar tormentor metal magic-denoise

Attila of Tormentor @ 2019 Metal Magic

@MetalMagicDK #tormentor

The good people of Metal Magic just released this video of Tormentor from last year’s festival.

NyreDolk release IndeBrændt

nyredolk metal magic-denoise

Nyredolk @ 2019 Metal Magic Festival

@MetalMagicDK #nyredolk @COPENHELL #rf20 @orangefeeling

I thought my best memory of 2019 was going to be a one off. But 2020 offers a second release and two live shows (Roskilde Festival and Copenhell) from NyreDolk.

Listen to IndeBrændt here.

NyreDolk @ 2020 Copenhell