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One month from today…

2018 Metal Magic schedule


…I’ll be boarding a bus in Copenhagen and heading to Fredericia for three days of awesome.

I only went to Metal Magic in 2016 to see Uli Jon Roth. However, on that day I discovered that fun and big don’t necessarily go along with each other as Metal Magic was a small festival that was extremely fun. Also, I experienced some bands I didn’t know or barely knew, like Iron Angel and Aosoth, who I now love.

In 2017 I waffled and then went just for Diamond Head. It was probably my best day of the entire year. Along the way I became a fan of Orm, Childrenn, and a couple others.

So this year I’m there for all three days even without a band like Uli Jon Roth or Diamond Head on the bill. I’m most looking forward to Master’s Hammer, Faanefjell, Pagan Altar, Alien Force, Hands of Orlac, Goblin, and FIN–all of whom I was completely or mostly unfamiliar with a few months ago.

Happy birthday, Anders Kobro!

metal magic anders kobro in the woods

Anders Kobro @ 2016 Metal Magic Festival

Anders was drumming for In The Woods… on the day I took this photo. He was also the drummer for Green Carnation during their most productive period.

3 weeks from today…


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Friday at 2018 Copenhell is packed! ORM is on the bill, as is Auðn, Exodus, At the Gates, Graveyard, Kreator, Ozzy, Enslaved, etc.

7 weeks to go…

schedule poster

2018 Metal Magic lineup

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Happy birthday, Brian Tatler!


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School’s out for… spring break

School's Out


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