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Ever wonder where the English word “geyser” comes from? Well, it comes from this place, Iceland’s Geysir.


iceland westfjords

Today’s photo comes from a random place in the Westfjords of Iceland. I probably hadn’t seen another sign of human life in hours and likely had pulled off the road to pee when this photo was realized.

Vik Lupin

vik iceland ring road lupin nootka

Vik, Iceland

Lóndrangar cliffs

Londrangar iceland Snæfellsnes

Lóndrangar (Iceland)

No Iceland for me this year, but I’m thinking about visiting the Faroe Islands. Good idea or great idea?

Skaftafell National Park

Hundafoss river iceland topaz denoise ai-denoise

Near Hundafoss (Iceland)


Mount Esja (Iceland)

My first stop, after picking up my campervan near the airport on my way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and Westfjords, was this one. I had planned to do a hike of just under 5 miles. Alas, my back was killing me so I ended up walking just a couple hundred yards instead. The views were spectacular, but I would love to be able to do the entire hike someday.