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Prague and the Vltava

Prague, Czech Republic (July 2017)

Happy birthday, Svend Karlsson!

copenhell baest svend karlsson-standard

Baest’s Svend Karlsson @ 2017 Copenhell

@COPENHELL #copenhell

Driving therapy

Faroe Islands driving

I find driving, in certain environments, to be very therapeutic. The Faroe Islands offer perhaps the best conditions in the world for this type of therapy. Other than an occasional sheep, you seldom meet another living creature. As the Danish guy I met on the ferry to the Faroe Islands said, “Just remember, sheep always have the right of way.”


Midnight Confessions

The confessional in San Giorgio (the church steeple in this photo), made by Giovanni Albiolo from Bellagio, is dated 1690.

Happy birthday, Bertel Thorvaldsen!

Ganymede and the Eagle

Born on this day 251 years ago.

Blue-eyed horse on Witches Finger Trail

Witches Finger Trail horse blue eyes faroe islands