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Skansin faroe islands fortress Tórshavn lighthouse british gun

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (July 2021)

The Skansin fort was built in 1580. The lighthouse was added in 1888, and the gun is British and dates to the second world war.

Why a fort in the Faroe Islands in 1580? Pirates! Today is “Talk Like A Pirate Day”.

Happy birthday, Paul Lesinski!

floydian slips mcdonald theater-DeNoiseAI-clear

Paul Lesinski of the Floydian Slips @ the McDonald Theatre (April 2022)

Silver Creek from the Trail of Ten Falls

silver creek oregon

Silver Falls State Park (May 2021)

Landscape turned wildlife photo

mount rainier Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel on Mount Rainier (September 2022)

While framing Mount Rainier for a photo, this squirrel decided to jump in the frame and strike a pose before I pressed the shutter release.

Happy birthday, Andy LaPlegua!

combichrist estonia tallinn tapper-DeNoiseAI-low-light-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Ole Anders Olsen (AKA Andy LaPlegua) of Combichrist @ Rockclub Tapper in Tallinn, Estonia (July 2019)

@DeathrodK @combichristarmy

Waterfall Wednesday

Shoshone Falls (Twin Falls, Idaho – August 2022)

Today’s photo comes from the aforementioned driving break on I-84 through southern Idaho a few weeks ago. You can’t really tell from the photo, since there aren’t any people in it, but Shoshone Falls actually is a bigger drop than Niagara Falls.