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Klaksvík harbor

Klaksvík faroe islands

Port of Klaksvík

When the economy of your country is based on the fishing industry, this is what your town looks like.

Metal Monday

Vincent Cavanagh anathema brutal assault topaz denoise ai-low-light

Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema @ 2019 Brutal Assault


One of Anathema’s last shows (ever?), I feel very fortunate to have finally seen them live. “A Fine Day to Exit” is one of my favorite albums of all time. Unfortunately, they played exactly zero songs off of it at Brutal Assault.

They said something really funny at the beginning of their set. I wish I could remember exactly what it was–something along the lines of “we are here to give security at the front of the stage a much-needed break” as Anathema was many times “softer” than every other band at Brutal Assault.

Happy birthday, Dave Matthews!

dave matthews topaz denoise ai-low-light

Dave Matthews (August 31, 2018)

#dmb #GorgeAmphitheatre @GorgeAmphitheat @davematthewsbnd

Český Krumlov

9 photo photomerge Český Krumlov topaz denoise ai-standard

View from Vyhlídka na Český Krumlov

Happy birthday, Tosin Abasi!

Oluwatosin Ayoyinka Olumide Tosin Abasi animals as leaders brutal assault-low-light

Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders @ 2019 Brutal Assault Festival

#brutalassault @TosinAbasi

Happy birthday, Amalie Bruun!

myrkur copenhell topaz denoise ai-low-light

Myrkur @ 2017 Copenhell

@RelapseRecords #Myrkur @COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2017