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Tuesday Trail (Tuesday Trees?)

amanda trail yachats

Amanda Trail (Yachats, Oregon)

Metal Monday

sofi metallica

Metallica @ Sofi Stadium (August 2023)

View from Overleaf Lodge

yachats view from overleaf

Yachats, Oregon

While eating breakfast yesterday in the Overleaf Lodge, I noticed a photo on the wall that looked like it was taken right outside of our room. I tried to somewhat replicate the photo in what you see above.

Happy birthday, Vincent van Gogh!

van gogh minneapolis

Van Gogh’s Irises in Immersive Van Gogh

Spring Break(er)

yachats near overleaf

Yachats, Oregon near Overleaf Lodge

Colin Vranizan

Colin Vranizan unto others uc theatre berkeley

Colin Vranizan of Unto Others (May 2022)

@untootherspdx @TheUCTheatre

I’m thinking about a possible road trip to see these guys again in Portland on May 10.