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Happy Sunday!

Kollafjørður kirk church black faroe islands-DeNoiseAI-clear-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Kollafjørður, Faroe Islands

A typical Faroese wooden church from 1837.

Somewhere on Streymoy

Near Hvalba in the Faroe Islands

Not the worst place in the world to pull over and take a pee…

Klaksvík harbor

Klaksvík faroe islands

Port of Klaksvík

When the economy of your country is based on the fishing industry, this is what your town looks like.

Viðareiði Kirkja panorama (Faroe Islands)

Viðareiði Kirkja panorama (Faroe Islands)

Today’s photo comes from the farthest northern place I went to on the Faroe Islands. I’ve been to some pretty beautiful locations during my 53+ years on earth (Yosemite National Park, Kyoto, Glacier National Park, Norway, Hawaii, Oregon coast, Koyasan, Iceland, etc.), and this spot is definitely in my Top 10, maybe in my Top 5. It certainly didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect, and no one else was there.