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Árnafjørður sheep

Árnafjørður Lamb

Did you know that there are more than twice as many sheep as people living in the Faroe Islands? This was about the cutest lamb I’ve ever laid eyes on. Also, the mangiest.

Eurasian oystercatcher

faroe islands bird kirkjubour Tjaldur Eurasian oystercatcher

Tjaldur in Kirkjubøur, Faroe Islands (July 2021)

The destroyer rideth upon the face thereof

klaksvik harbor faroe islands

666 in Klaksvik (Faroe Islands)


torsvollur faroe islands soccer stadium

Tórsvøllur (Faroe Islands)

When I lived out of a camper in Iceland for several days, I could clean up at the hot springs along the roads I was travelling. Not so in the Faroe Islands where there aren’t any hot springs. Instead, I headed to the local swimming pool every day. The one in the capital of Tórshavn is next door to the national soccer stadium where I took this photo.

That looks pretty small for a national stadium you may be thinking, but the capacity is actually almost half of the entire population of the capital. A similarly proportioned stadium in, say, Tokyo would have a capacity of 7 million so… it’s a relatively big stadium.


Gjógv Kirkja faroe islands-DeNoiseAI-clear

Gjógv Kirkja (Faroe Islands)

Egypt is what you think of when you hear the word “pyramids”, but maybe you should also be thinking about the Faroe Islands…

Eiðis kirkja

Eiðis kirkja faroe islands-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Eiði Church, Faroe Islands